Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How do you blog?

I am so impressed with those who sit down and figure out what they are doing before they do it.  I sometimes wonder if I am alone in the world of "just start and see what happens"... 

I have these amazing ideas of things to write about and then when I sit down my mind goes blank. So instead I just write. 

I am pretty excited on a personal and professional note, my first ad on www.Babyvibe.ca came out yesterday, the ad is not on the website but on their facebook page (in case you're interested) you can find it by clicking on:  Contests and Coupons you have to scroll down, I am the one listed as Silver Fingerprints although the company name is Aly Dahl Designs.  

As I was blogging about that for my work blog and posting on twitter, I came across a list by Portabello West that lists me with 10 other local designers to watch.  Seeing that was the best feeling ever.  And then I stopped to wonder, do you think Ralph Lauren or Tom Ford remembers the first "designer to watch" list they made?  I hope I remember this feeling for the rest of my career.. It's a goody.

When I sat down to write I didn't know what it would be about, and just like most favourite jewellery designs .. they started with a shape and ended a masterpiece.  (Although I am not saying this blog is a masterpiece.. just that I did it and I feel great for doing it!)

My goal for my next post is to write down some ideas to write about and then do that!
So my question to you is.. When you blog, do you have an idea before hand or do you do like I do and sit down and write?


  1. I blog in a combination of ways. Sometimes I sit down and write on the fly, but I find that when writing everyday (well Monday-Friday) I also will add a a bunch of "new posts" and save them as drafts. Then when it feels right to flesh one out I will. Oh, and I do keep a notebook in my purse at all times just in case :)

  2. Aly, I love that you wrote down about how great that feeling is, and that you can always come back to this post to remember how special it is on the days you really need a pick-me-up! I'm so proud of and excited for you!!
    As for blogging I plan out 7 days in advance and write on each topic...JUST KIDDING!! I'm a complete mix, some days I have an idea and lots of days it is just write.

  3. I'm a planner. I'm rather addicted to efficient time management so planning ahead makes me feel more productive. I'm a bit of a type A... Just a bit though. ;p