Friday, July 30, 2010

Jibber Jabber

While sitting at my computer blankly I ponder about what I should write. It's a lot harder than you think for me, my thoughts are scattered and I can never stay on task. I have diagnosed myself with ADD (which are my initials as well!). My mind floods of what I should be doing and what I am actually doing, and what I am doing is usually not what I should be doing.
As the other mom's I have 2 kidlettes, Jayden (5), Ethan (4) and 1 half husband (the ring is on the finger, we just haven't said "I do" yet). I am a partial stay at home mom, only working a couple nights a week. My days consist of puttering around, taking the kids to the pool and eating. I'd like to say I have the life of Riley.
I'm new at this blogging stuff (I'm pretty sure you can tell) but I might get used to it. I'm only going to write what I feel, really not caring about what other people think, because I feel I'm only telling a computer.
ta ta for now computer ;)

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  1. Hey, my day consists of puttering around and eating too! And oh yeah, the kids! Have a good weekend!