Thursday, July 22, 2010

A little about me, maybe a little too much about me...

I am a wife to 1, but have 3 part-time"hubby's" (my legal one prefers it that way, he figures all the help he can get is a good thing. No not in "that" way, I just am a bit of a princess).  I have 2 beautiful children but my house is normally filled with 4 or more. My oldest is my daughter Maaren who is 4, and my youngest is Leif who is turning 3 very soon. Yes I am "that mom" the one that went back to work 3 months pregnant after her first maternity leave.

This is the my family, (charity photo shoot in  2008)

We share our living quarters with Charlie (Sweet Charlotte) the pink tailed Havanese. (Why she has a pink tail is a whole other story and will be saved for another blog) and "Tiger the greatest cat to ever live" Johnson.

Charlie our Girl Dog (you can tell by the pink tail)
Tiger the Fiercest feline in town (with newbie Maaren)

I am a corporate world run-away and now much prefer my life of raising children and running my empire of designing and making jewellery, I am a true "Mompreneur".  I started my company, Aly Dahl Designs last year and have only ever regretted my decision to leave my well paid, high-heeled, suit wearing life twice.  Once when I started getting my monthly BC Med bills in the mail (free health care my a**), and the other  when I got really sick and couldn't take a day off.. I miss paid sick days.  So all in all, I have no "real" regrets of leaving corporate world behind.

Since I was little I knew I wanted to be a mom and own my own business. I am currently living my dream,  my business is still in the start up stages and way more money has gone out than has come in, but I have never been happier, ever.   If I described to you 15 years ago what my perfect life would look like, I would have described it as "Having a loving husband, a couple of kids, owning my own business, having great friends, doing something creative, travelling the world shopping for beautiful things, and not having to worry about money". 

So far I have a wonderful husband who is not only loving but helpful, courteous, funny, handsome,but he is also my best friend.  I have 2 beautiful children who are a constant source of entertainment and joy (with a side of hair-pulling frustration and heart break). I am lucky enough to have a full roster of amazing friends most of which I am able to stumble home from.  I create pieces of jewellery with my hands, run and own my own business, I get to shop for amazing stones and metals, and although I have only travelled to Las Vegas this year the plans are in the works to travel more for the business.   The only thing I am missing is the not having to worry about money.
Late last year my husband was laid off along with a hundred other elevator mechanic's in training.  So not only am I a stay at home mompreneur, our family is a stay at home household with pre-school aged kids.  We spend  A LOT of time together.  Sometimes, too much.. but to be totally honest,  I will really be sad when he goes back to work.  He is a really good stay at home dad and I am not sure I can go back to doing it all... he has WAY more patience than I do!

Well that's a bit about me and mine.... Until next time,  Aly
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  1. Aly you are seriously an inspiration! I ♥ U!