Friday, July 16, 2010

Welcome To "R" Town - How we began

September 2008 Rossmoor Mom's Group was started.  A good friend of ours Alicia posted a sign at the Rossmoor billboards calling for all stay at home moms to come for a coffee and a play.
2 weeks later 10 Mom's of all shapes and sizes, some strangers, some acquaintances showed up on Alicia's front door bearing sweets and savories to share.  We were all nervous of this first encounter, who are these "Moms" and what if their kids are brat's?

2 years later Mom's Group has continued,  women and children have come and gone from the group but the spirit is still alive.  Every Thursday morning we continue to meet at one of our homes for a good laugh and sometimes a cry.

Last summer Mom's Group transformed by adding a much needed Mom's night.. The ladies started to gather every Friday night for a cocktail or 6. This is when the bonds started to strengthen, the ability for us all to let loose.  Not be mom, not to be wife, but to be Ashley, Aeryon, Alicia, Angela, Aly, Dana, Laura, Nickie and Tracy.  We had the odd non-mom's come join us but they never seemed to return.  Perhaps we are not as hilarious as we thought, or our chapped nipple stories and boobs after surgery/nursing show and tell were a bit much.  Regardless there was a core group of ladies that started to yearn for Friday night.   Friday night ladies night has since dwindled with busy lives and jealous husbands.. instead we chose any night of the week for a few drinks and a lot of laughs and sometimes it is more like 3 or 4 nights a week... and often it involves the entire family for a potluck or BBQ.  We are no longer a Mom's Group, or ladies group, we are a community that is held together by Moms.

It has been months now that I have had this idea of writing a book with these women, each writing a chapter on life in "R-Town", their experiences being a mother, friend, spouse, employee, business owner, momprenuer... Since our lives all inter-twine the characters were sure to stay the same and the book I felt would have an incredible flow.   So instead of a book, I have decided on the more immediate (and free).. A blog.   I have asked each of the women to pick a day of the week to blog.  It can be on anything, about themselves, their kids, our drunken escapades, funny picture, dreams, love, anything.. there are no rules, we can switch days, blog on different days, more than once a week, when ever as long as we do our best to keep our once a week commitment to keeping this blog alive. It is a virtual scrapbook of our lives together living in ..  "R-town".  Perhaps one day we will publish our wisdom (or stupidity on some accounts). 

- Aly

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  1. Aly, you rock. :-D You make me teary. No, wait... it's just the wine. lol.