Sunday, July 18, 2010

Small gifts keep the liver guessing

I am sitting outside in my colourful backyard alone. My house is quiet.  I can count the number of times my house has been quiet on one hand since my oldest child was born back in 2006. 
This is Maaren arriving into the world

That was the moment my life changed. 
Since then I have accomplished the following:
Peed by myself: 17 times
Woken up to my body saying "that's enough sleep, time to get up": 12 times
Taken a face plant tripping over toys: 68 times
Gone out to grab a coffee by myself: 2 times
read 1/2 a book.. no wait...: 1 1/2 books 
(combining the chapters I have started must count for at least 1 book)
Sat in my backyard during daylight hours and my house was quiet: 1 time.. 

This is it right now.. My house is quiet.  How come I am so lucky you ask?  Well, friends of ours got married yesterday and my sister was kind enough to not only take my kids for a couple hours but she has had them for the past 2 days. At this moment my husband is driving the newlyweds to the airport and here I sit.. in peace.. Blogging about it seemed the best way to celebrate this treat.
This is Darren and I at the wedding yesterday
As for last night.. you may ask, "what does a mom of 2 young kids do when she has no responsibility the next day?"
I'll tell you,  I drank a little too much, change that.. a lot too much.. I mean we had the house to ourselves, just me and my Darren. So we celebrated last night, small gifts are often over looked in life, and a house to ourselves, no wiping bums, no middle of the night cries, no getting up and feeding munchkins was a great gift.. We were 25 again, staying up late, having cocktails, making love and not worrying about waking anybody up but the neighbours.  It was so fun... until this morning.  Although I felt 25 last night, I felt everyone of my 33 years this morning.. Apparently my liver is aging faster than I am and it is not impressed with my behaviour last night.
"Dear Liver, please accept my deepest sympathy for your luck in getting stuck in me"

Although the thought of rolling up in balls and hiding under our covers all day seemed like a great option, we felt by not doing something, anything we would be wasting a rare opportunity to be adults.  So instead we went for lunch on a lovely patio and did our best to keep lunch down and then wandered around the mall and looked at items we wanted to look at.... and where did we end up?  That's right, the toy isle, I mean Leif's 3rd birthday is in October... we should start planning now... 

So in the end.. we missed the kids,  but if someone offered to take the kids for a couple days again... I would jump at the opportunity,  I may just not drink quite as much next time.   Well.. I would try not to drink as much next time!
- Aly

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